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What Are Our Capabilities?

Specific Functions We Deliver

We can deliver a plethroa of services for our clients. Whether it's a matter of giving accounting advice or doing the actual bookkeeping work, we are ready to meet the task.

Fully Bonded & Insured

If your accounting needs are sensitive or required by law to engage a fully insured and bonded accounting service, we are covered in full. All documentation is available upon request.

What Does Your Business Need?

When hiring an accountant or bookkeeper, you should assess what you really need? Do you already know what you want done and you simply need someone to "do it"? Or do you need advice, insight, thought, and all the other expertise required to build or repair an accounting platform? Laura can fulfill the role of CFO, Accounting Manager, Consultant, or Bookkeeper depending on the situation. "I realize the importance of deadlines, due dates, and all the other requirements set forth by Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures.